Write For Your Readers Not For Search Engines

Write For Your ReadersIf you have been in the field of blogging to attract a good amount of visitors, make community and be appreciated then there is a huge list of Do’s and Don’ts that you, and every blogger, should know and apply practically. There are certain guidelines that you should care about very much. One of these guidelines and dos includes writing content that focuses on giving useful, valuable and beneficial pieces of information that help readers understand the situation and somehow solve their problem. Most of the newbie bloggers try to concentrate on the search engine optimization of the content rather writing a worthy content. This search engine optimization may increase the visibility of your content in the search engine result pages but chances are that in doing so the content may not be able to successfully pass the valuable information to the reader in the way it should.


Why You Should Write For Readers?

As the search engines are improving their algorithms, it seems that now search engines are thinking and reading more like a human being than a machine. With the latest release of Panda and Penguin updates, webmasters and bloggers have been forced to write quality content and filter out junk from their websites. Many junk websites have been penalized. Those who were optimizing their content too much for the search engines have been hit by Panda. Those who were using cloaking, stuffing keyword and generating hidden links for search engine optimization have been hit by Penguin. Those who have been hit by these two algorithms won’t be ranking much higher as they were in the past. Why did search engines do this all? To provide quality content to their readers. Since search engines themselves are trying to facilitate searchers (your readers) then why you should not go with the direct approach. Build a good readership and search engine will recognize your blog as a quality content. Writing content for readers will help you build community which will ultimately result in increased search engine ranking.


Should I Stop Search Engine Optimizing My Blog?

No. Search engine optimization is necessary for a website to be, at least, crawled by search engines. Writing quality content is now a part of modern search engine optimization. If you are writing a good content then you are search engine optimizing your blog. Besides this, search engine optimization needs some technical knowledge to communicate with the search engine crawlers that your websites is present on the web and it should crawled and indexed for specific keywords. This an important technical communication. However search engine optimizing of the content is no more than writing a unique, helpful and quality article for readers.



While concluding the post I would like to say that if you have spare time and a love for web memes than you might know about 9gag.com (a website, not a blog). It is the same case as Facebook. 9gag has user-generated content that is not as much search engine optimized because users can only upload their self-made comics (i.e. images). However due to the innovation and devotion of 9gag webmasters to contribute something good to the web they are getting more than 900,000 unique visitors per month. Reason? Focus on the audience and power of turning a website into a community. No matter what algorithm search engines apply, they are building community of readers – not coming from search engines. Hence independent of search engines.

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