Voice Changer Apps for Androids

Google is very much involved in the technology market and comes up with the new and latest mid blowing technologies daily. Its Android for Smartphone has a large enough market to test and to make any of its app popular.

I’m also an android user and love all the apps which are available on Google Play Store but, there is one app which is truly fun to have and that is the voice changer.

Voice Changer Apps for Androids

The voice change app just changes my voice over the phone call so the person to whom I’m talking will definitely get confused and I’m sure this will be too much fun, isn’t it?

Here below are some of the best voice changer apps available on Google Play, just try them once and I bet you won’t uninstall it.

#1 Ultra Voice Changer

This app is very much fascinating if you’re looking for the voices of aliens and robots. It has various voice effect options like Cyborg, Deep Freaky, Helium, Possessed, Echo, bee, hyper and many more.

Trying all of them out will surely be funny experience and you’ll enjoy this for sure.

There is one more thing which I like about this app which is quick assistance in case of any problems and issues faced. So just try this out once and if not feel satisfied uninstall it, it won’t cost you a single penny.

#2 Voice Changer Calling

Imagine one of your friends who never talks with girls just get a call from a girl who wishes to meet and date him. What will be the expressions on your friend’s face? I’m sure whatever would be the expressions you’ll burst in a laugh.

This prank now can be played by you also using this Voice changer app which changes your voice while on call. The call made by this app is by using my Wi-Fi not the mobile operator.

The first call will be free and next will charge me a little money and I think I can pay that to see the awkward face of a friend. J

#3 Best Voice Changer

This app is something like extra butter on bread. I can do a lot of things with my voice and can record them. The only thing I can’t do with this app is changing voice on the calls but except this is the best app under this niche. It does the following things with best quality.

  • Speech speed alteration can be done by using this app.
  • It takes very less time to do the modifications.
  • Background voices can be changed by effects of airport, battlefield, crowd, street and others.
  • Chorus and Echo effects are also there for creating best recordings.
  • Voices can be changed to Chipmunk, cat, men, women, child and robot as well.     

So people if you’re looking to play a serious and damn funny prank with your friends then I think this might be the right option for you because a boy can never refuse to talk with the sweet voice girl and never on the case when she is willing to date him.

I’m already holding my stomach due to too much laugh by just imagining that condition so why not try it out in real.

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