Two New JB Smartphones from Samsung – Galaxy Young & Galaxy Flame

Looks like Samsung is not going to slow down. They’re releasing devices too fast and just keeping to release and release! Yes, they were in the first row in launching Android based smartphones and they’ve never stopped launching new devices of different configuration and price range. They have higher priced devices for corporate or entrepreneur level, or mid and low range devices for students and mid income people. In that consequence, they are now going to launch the Galaxy Young & Galaxy Flame.  Specially made for the youth market – with Jelly Bean.


Samsung Galaxy Young

There was a Samsung phone named Samsung Galaxy Y, where people used to say that the Y stands for young. Maybe it was right, however, Samsung now released a phoned with the full form of the Y and it comes with Jelly Bean preloaded.


The Specs in Brief

Galaxy Young is far better from the predecessor Galaxy Y. Galaxy Young is equipped with a 1GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, 3.27 inch display, 3 megapixel camera, memory expansion support and 4GB internal memory, and a 1300 MAH battery.


The display is not that much of a good one. Though for a 3.27 inch display, the 480×320 pixels is good, but still if you want to read eBooks or surf full sized web pages, you may not find comfort. For gaming, this screen still serves somehow.


But the phone is compact. It will fit in your palms, in your pockets, and everywhere. You will not need to have longer thumbs to reach everywhere in the screen, you will not have to worry about dropping the phone due to having lose grip. Of course there will be no loose grip while holding a small phone.

Galaxy Young & Galaxy Flame


Samsung Galaxy Flame

A little less configured performer than the Galaxy Young, but with a higher quality camera and an additional front camera of 0.3 megapixels. If that one was targeted to the university going students, then this might be for the school goers?


Brief specs are – 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 5 megapixel camera, 4 GB expandable memory, 1300 mAh battery.


The display resolution is HVGA this time.


Limelight – Android Jelly Bean

These two phones are in the limelight because they are the one running Android Jelly Bean in the lowest possible price, and from a world renowned brand. No other brand have done this before – and so these phones will highly be in sale. Not guaranteed, but it’s a good assumption. The Jelly Bean comes with Samsung’s TouchWiz interface.


Common Features

There are indeed a lot of common features in both of these phones. Like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, optional NFC, form feature (not exactly the same), etc.



  • The galaxy fame will come in pearl white and metallic blue.
  • The galaxy young will be available in white, deep blue, wine red and metallic silver.


Approximate Release Date

Both these phones are announced to be released on March 2013 in UK.


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