Easy Way to Send Free SMS from your Android Phone or Tablet

Free SMS from your Android Phone or TabletWith the advent of tools and devices, people are keeping their expectations higher from the modern, developed form of technologies. That is why the expert of this zone is continuously trying to provide the best to the users. Mobile phones or computers can be the best examples for this as they have experienced a lot of transformation since their first introduction in the market.

When it comes to mobile phones and computers application, the transformation or development of technologies can be felt easily. Among many other popular apps one is the application that helps to send free SMS from Android Phone or Tablets. The need of sending free SMS is something needless to explain. And having this feature in your Android Phone or Tablets is something you are craving for.

Where to Get Them?

If you really want to have such apps that will help you in sending free SMS from your tablets or Android Phones, you have to search on the internet for such apps and download them. There are a good number of such apps. Once you get the most suitable for you, just download it to your device.

The Best Apps:

You can download one such app through this link. Just Clink over the Following Image to Download The App.


Click Here to Download The App

This is a great way of downloading free SMS apps in India for your Android Phones or Tablets.

Other than this one you can try another link.


Click Here to Download The App

This one is also good for downloading the free SMS app. These are newer and developed apps with lots of new features for the users. You can send and receive text messages on your computer; just like your Android Phone. You can simply receive or send your texts on your tablet by leaving your Android Phone device in your pocket.

In order to download free SMS apps for your Android Phones or Tablets to send free SMS across India, you can try another link


Click Here to Download The App

All these links will help you to obtain totally free SMS facility. And in most cases the download is also free. That means you don’t need to worry about your pocket while downloading such apps.

Other than the above mentioned links there are few more that are worthy of being tried and they are:

Way2SMS App for Android and Free2Sms

How to Use the Apps?

The process of using these apps is simple. Once you download the app you need to install it in your device with a certain user ID and password and select your favorite free SMS gateway. Before that you have to be registered yourself for that service in a particular website for free SMS. Once you get registered, you can log in to the site and send free SMS across India without having any SMS pack on your mobile phone. You just need to have internet connection on your Android Phone or Tablet in order to enjoy this facility.

Hence, in this manner you can enjoy sending free SMS from your Android Phone or Tablet anytime and from anywhere. The service is really good and lucrative as well.

    • Thanks Amit for dropping your Valuable comment. I myself have 3 Symbian Phones as I Love it but I have only one Android Mobile. I never felt that I need the Free SMS app for my Symbian Mobile because I rarely use my Cell Phones because I talk less and use less of Cell Phones but I love to chat Hours and Hours over Skype with My clients. πŸ™‚

      After getting your comment I will do some research on Symbian Phones and Post an Article on it.

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