How To Recover From Google Panda Updates

How To Recover From Google Panda UpdatesThis article will teach you few techniques through which you can recover from Google Panda update. Since Google Panda has hit the web, many bloggers and SEO have failed to completely recover from it. Google’s algorithm has been updated many times during this Panda Update. Approximately three updates have been released since its first update (including first one).


Few have experienced entirely different results during these three updates. Their traffic has first dropped then on next update it increased. While some have had very bad experience, their traffic dropped on both the updates. So the question is from where to start recovering?


First step is to analyze your site’s traffic and know where major changes have occurred. You also need to confirm that the traffic is reduced from Google organic not from referrals and other sources. Now you have to find which pages have got penalty. Since there are many pages in your website/blog and different pages are getting traffic from different sources. You have to keenly observe and find out exactly which pages have been penalized by Google Panda. This can take time but you have to fight your way through.


In most of the cases the pages that got penalty are stuffed with ads (above the cover). These pages have duplicate content or they are slightly different from the original content, mean to say not exact duplication but very little. This includes spinning. One short tip that can be handy is that you can request a not-so-skilled person in surfing the Internet to read a blog post of yours. Ask him, “Does he/she find it too much stuffed with ads or not?” This will help you better understand the readability of your blog.


[While Searching for a Good Video On Panda Updates I Come Across with an Awesome Video by Rand Fishkin from SEOMoz Site So I have decided to Post that Video Here so That You All Can Enjoy This Video. Video Source: SEOmoz]


Once you have found the pages that were penalized by Google block them for Google to further crawl these pages. This will help you remove any effect of those pages to the rest of your site. Do penalized web pages affect site’s ranking? Don’t know, but don’t take risks. Since these web pages are not participating in generating much traffic, blocking them won’t affect the traffic as much.


Now calculate how many pages are there that have a room to be improved. Since blogs have posts and posts can be rewritten so you can take a chance to rewrite the blog post in a better way with more words and less keyword density. Bloggers can also fix the penalized posts by increasing the quality of the content. Content is the king. Try to put a research before writing a post and write something that really helps visitors. Try to involve readers into your articles. This will help you increase time spent by the visitors on your web pages which is good for SEO. If they are static pages then search for best practices of improving static pages ranking. After doing so if you end up with posts and pages that can’t be improved, delete them. No traffic, no money. Only a burden on the site.


Reduce the number of ads on the pages and see if it works or not. Remember that Google Adsense is also included in advertisements. After this chances of increasing page ranking will be brighter. I hope this will help you restore your ranking and improve your site’s revenue. Your site’s ranking will change slowly after you start improving it. Don’t expect sudden changes. It will take some time. Keep reading articles of other webmasters and bloggers and keep making improvements. You will see that gradually your site’s ranking is increasing. If not, try another strategy. SEO is all about trial and error. Friends If you need my help then please drop me your valuable comment with your Questions I will try my best to help you out…Don’t Hesitate to ask your Questions to me.

  1. Nice post Debasis Pradhan but panda I think old updates of Google Algorithm it doesn’t update it Last week I read news about that Matt Cutts video thread that Google working for OverSeo Optimized Sites.

    • Thanks for Dropping your comment. The Latest Panda Update Version is V 3.4 and Its released on 23’rd March 2012 and my this Post based upon all the Panda Updates. It Contains the fundamentals of Panda Updates and How to Deal with this. Lots of Newbie Bloggers Don’t know Much about Panda Updates…when they Look at the Panda’s (Animal) Pictures they are thinking Its something funny and related to the Animal. So From this Post as well as the Video posted in this Article Newbies Can Know Deeply about Google Panda Updates and they can recover their Blogs & Websites from Panda Updates… This Article will definitely help them 🙂

  2. Hey Debasis! Thanks a ton for posting such an awesome article. I really love the way you written and represented your post. This is very easy to understand and follow it. I felt that I’v also affected by Google Panda Update and my Traffic gone down and its bouncing frequently so from now I get aware about it and following the steps which you have mentioned…I just pray everything go right and I get recovered from Google Panda Update.
    Thanks Mate 🙂

  3. A great write up about Panda. I have gad a couple of websites that were ranking and now are no where in the serps and I think it may be panda related issues. I wi8ll implement your steps and let you know if I see any improvement.

  4. You make some really good points Debasis about how to deal with Panda. Another issue that may affect a site is that they may have lost a lot of links if they had been involved with link networks such as Article Link Network and many others that Google seem to be clamping down on. If most of your links were coming from such networks then when Google deindexes them you can loose most of your links which can seem that Google is directly penalising your site, however it could just be the sudden loss of inbound links. Solution? Start building quality links from diverse sources.

    • Hi Beth,
      Thanks for dropping your valuable comment. Ya you are right…if we will have lots of inbound links from other sites specially from Article Marketing Sites or Article Directory sites then It will definitely drag you in problem and it will catch in Google’s radar :p
      Some of my clients were using Brad Callen’s SEO Link Vine Service and other Auto Article Submission services so they all faced lots of problem from this and their Search Engine Ranking suddenly gone down… So for now all those who are using such kinds of Mass Article Directory Submission services they should stop or unsubscribe these kinds of services immediately otherwise they will face a big problem in their Search Engine Ranking.

  5. I am also effect from the panda latest update.I have put 3 affiliate banner links and 4 google adsense ads that’s why my website is effected.After studying the guidelines I have removed all the affiliate banner and minimize the google adsense Ads.

    Please help me in recovery.If any other changes I have to do.

    • See Google hates Spamming and love natural back links. Take the example of yours. If you will check all the comments in my site everybody has entered their real name in comment box and nobody entered their site name in the name filed. So Like what you did here I am sure you are doing this with other sites and posting your comment so from this Google will Judge that you are doing this for link building work and this is not natural so all those people are doing this types of work their blog have been affected by Panda and then Google Penguin.

      Don’t misunderstood me but this is the fact. Previously people are doing this to increase their back links but currently this type of thing is totally banned by Google. No doubt you will increase your back links but it will have no value.

      So if possible from now try to post comment with your real name instead of blog’s name.

      I hope this will be helpful to you and this is the main cause if your question.

    • Sanjeev None of my Blogs get affected by either Google Panda or by Penguin. Many of clients Sites Hit by Panda and Penguin and I have recovered them within 3 weeks so I believe one can easily recover their blogs if they have been affected by Panda or Penguin Updates. They Just need to have patience and follow the Tricks provided here.

      Thanks For Finding time to Drop your Question.

  6. Hi sir can I ask if the possible to do for us to recover on Google Panda is to use other SEO strategy?