Purchasing Online Resources for Business

The number of resources available online have grown by multi folds in present days. The digital path to purchase resources online has never been as complex as it is now. The aspects with which a buyer evaluates his online options vary from customer to customer. Therefore a business owner must be prepared to fulfill all the conditions laid down by the customers.

Some Facts on Online Purchasing by Local Customers:

  • 85% people search online for business information
  • 94% restrict their search results only to the first page of Google
  • 94% of total smartphone users search for their business info on mobile itself
  • 73% agree to the fact that path to online purchasing has become more complex

Decision Factors for Local Customers:

  • Background
  • Preferences
  • Location

Customers may either need Long Term or Short Term Relationships with firms. Depending on their choice, there are several characteristics associated with each one of them.

Short Term Relationships:

  • Involves immediate desires
  • Might even be spontaneous
  • Can also be location based
  • Usually made either through smartphones, or through desktops.
  • Example: finding a restaurant for dinner on Friday night.

Long Term Relationships:

  • Normally Long Lasting
  • Highly Personal
  • Highly researched and evaluated
  • Set up only with desktops
  • Example: Finding a contractor to remodel the bathroom accessories

Either way, some of the tips have to be kept in mind to set up business relationships with the customers:

1. Social Media

Social Media plays an important role to get customers to any sort of business. The concept of SMP (Social Media Promotion) is widely used by all the firms in the world. It helps to gain new customers to your business with ease. Some basic points involved are:

  • Proximity
  • Deals or Promotion
  • Likes and Followers
  • Customer Engagements
  • Photos and Videos Sharing

2. Search Engines

SEO, Search Engine Optimization has become an indispensable part of every business today. No business can survive online without implementing SEO concepts. The method involves setting up the name of the organization in the search results of a search engine when a matching query is searched by a visitor. Points involved are:

  • Ranking (1st Page)
  • Proximity

3. Business Website

To survive the online rat race, every fir needs to have a strong website which marks its presence in the internet business. Internet has become the most powerful source of media these days, and no organization can afford to lose this medium which is accessed by billions of unique visitors every day. Most important points include:

  • Visual Appeal
  • Business Blog
  • Pictures
  • Accessible Contact Info
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Mobile Optimized

4. Apps

With the increasing number of smartphone users, many firms have adopted the method of mobile apps to help grow their business.

  • Proximity
  • Reviews
  • Accurate Biz info
  • Reviews

5. Local Directory and Review Sites

As the customers have grown more careful towards their choice, they also look for online reviews before trying any service. It involves:

  • Review quality and quantity
  • Testimonials

More than 85% of mobile searches result in action every 5 hours, and 72% of customers say that they trust online reviews.

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