Stay away from Ortel Communication Broadband Service

Annoying Advertisements by Ortel

This post is especially for those who are using Ortel Communication Broadband Service. Most of the people from Odisha use Ortel Communication’s Internet Broadband Services as many of them are not aware about other Broadband Services and The Ortel Marketing Staffs push their service easily to Innocent Customers.

While taking the new connection from them they will treat you like their family members but later on their service go worst. Most of the time their connections are down and it’s very slow whether you take an Unlimited Plan or a Lease Line Service. There is no guarantee of Good Service. Their support staffs are not technically sound and they always try to push the difficulties or any complaint to other department and then you will get a SMS from them that your problem has been shorted out and your ticket Number has closed but your problem would be there as it is.

If you rarely use Internet to check your mails or you are a newbie then you won’t face any problem because it’s good to check mails for 10 to 15 mins. but if you are a Professional and work hours and Hours over net then you will notice the real problem. For 15 to 20 mins their service will be good but after crossing the 20 mins. of barrier it stops working, it will be slow down and it will take long time to load any basic site. Big file downloads are impossible with this connection.

They have no good thing to describe, the whole departments are cheaters. Let me explain why I told you this. If you don’t have an Unlimited plan just have the 5 GB or any starter plan then they will start adding false data usages to your account and within few days your Limit will be exceed and they will send a Big Bill to you, if you will ask them about this then they will start arguing with you, either you have to pay the bill and continue with their service or you have to disconnect your Broadband connection from them.

Out of 100% only 30% (approx) of their users are aware about this as they are technically sound but the rest of the people who are not having much depth in these things they never notice this and while making the payment they thought it may be their any additional service charges due to which their bill comes like this. So most of their executive will suggest you to pick the starter plan or  any other plan except the unlimited plan, they will try their best to convince you that you will get much faster connection and get 99.99% up time guarantee etc…. more they sell such types of plan the chances to generating revenue through manipulation will increase but once you asked about the unlimited plan then their fuse will be down and they will tell the negative point of the unlimited plan like it will be very slow in comparison to other starter plans Blah…Blah… I am telling this from my personal experience when I had a starter plan I just used to check mails only as those days I was not working much online but at the end of the Month they will send you a Big bill so My Elder Brother always ask them why they have charged this and many time he has to visit their office in Badambadi, Cuttack to increase our plan and still continued for many times and then finally we got BSNL Broadband connection.

Me and My Brother we both are Freelance Programmers and we spent 15 to 18 hrs online as our everyday online and it’s our Bread and Butter In order to give the best service to our client we need faster and most reliable Internet connection and this will never possible if you work with the Ortel Broadband service so we have to take more connection like currently we have BSNL Unlimited Broadband Connection, Ortel Unlimited Broadband Connection, Tata Phone+ Advantage, I personally have Three 3G Mobile Broadband connections like this we have 6 Internet connections with us if one fail we switch to other so we rarely use Ortel but we pay Ortel every month without using their service.

The main reason to write this review about Ortel Communication is not only I but also 100s of other users are suffering badly from their poor service. Since last 3 weeks they have enabled annoying Popup banner ads, once you connect your Ortel connection and browse any site a Popup banner ad will comes up from the footer area and after few seconds it will go down, if by chance you will mouse hover at the footer area of the site the ad will again comes up and you will click it accidentally. So it’s very hard to work with such conditions, their advertisement codes conflict with the website coding and last time I struggled a lot with a client’s site due to their ad codes, I thought his site has been infected by any virus so I have started checking the script as I found the ad code is showing inside the website code but after researching for more than 5 hrs I found its the Gift of Great Ortel Communication for this I have scanned my PC several times in order to check whether my PC infected by any Ad-ware as I always keeps on my Anti Virus and I scan each and everything time to time and its very secured but due to this Unwanted advertisements I have suffered a lot so I have told my Brother about this and he also faced the same problem so he called them last week about this issue so their representative proudly told that they are using this ad codes and suggested us to use any popup blocker to Block this but after a deep request he told that he will forward this to the upper authority but 1 week gone nothing happened and they didn’t update us for this complain and this evening I called again to the BBSR Helpline and told about this so the person started telling the same story so I told him that their staffs are always telling the same thing and telling exactly the same this time so it’s not acceptable either you stop showing us this ads or we will cancel our subscription from you. I have explained him that if Ortel giving the service in a concession rates or giving high quality of service freely to students or any senior citizen etc… so in order to raise the fund they are showing the ads in this case this is acceptable but you guys are charging us each month for the Crap Poor service and over it instead of giving us any concession or any periodical promotional offers displaying ads which is not forgivable so instead of trying to answer me the support Guy Disconnected the Phone Line.

Not only me my other friends also facing the same problem. So if you are an Ortel user and facing any kind of problem by their service or by their staff then please find some time to drop your feedback here and we will all talk with each other and discuss about this matter and then we all will take action against this.

If by the end of this Month they won’t stop doing this then I am going to Unsubscribe their service.

UPDATE [14/12/2011 Wednesday]:

Hey Friends! I have several times Called to their BBSR Office to help us for stopping this Annoying Banner Ads But They are not Replying properly to my queries and I am getting many mails from my readers that in rural areas or in remote areas they have no other choice than Ortel and they are facing slow loading issue and maximum time down of their service over this problem a new Advertisement problem comes up so they don’t understand what to do in such cases.

So Ortel Upper Authorities and Marketing Staffs are well known about this problem and they are only the choice for many users and they can’t do anything without their service so due to this they are doing Monopoly and showing Ads whenever you will switch on your Ortel Modems, which is really not good and it’s not Professional.

Anyways In order to Deal with such type of things I have found a Good Tool for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browser [One of my Friend “Shiba Prasad Das” has suggested me this Add-On to use]. I was experimenting this Add-on from last 1 week and I found it’s very effective to stop these Annoying advertisements. So I will recommend you all to use the following Add-on in your Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Browser and then you will see the result.

Please Visit this Link to Get the Add-On for your Browser and don’t forget to enable the Add-On otherwise you can’t block those ads.


Mozilla Firefox Users: CLICK HERE


Google Chrome Users: CLICK HERE

  1. I couldn’t have asked for a better blog. You happen to be always at hand to offer excellent guidance, going straight away to the point for easy understanding of your site visitors. You’re really a terrific pro in this subject matter. Many thanks for being there visitors like me.

  2. Very awesome blog !! I couldnt have wrote this any better than you if I tried super hard hehe!! I like It !! it’s very unique & refreshing…

  3. Thanks for your valuable info. i am thinking ti buy ortel net connection thanks for ur info now i changed my mind.
    but my problem is i am from small town Jatni,Khurda. here no other isp available except Bsnl 3g ( expensive = but sadly currently used happy with download speed 400KBs but sad with upload speed 5kB).
    i have many uploading works but no intenet option here. only bsnl 3g and ortel. and bsnl landline connection away from my house and they refuse to give as they not spend money for 300m wiring to only me.
    so i have no option left.
    price is not matter but no option here.
    if my house is in bbsr then there r lot of other isp but here no option.
    plz reply here or to my id.
    mail me. thanks.

  4. I have also contacted ortel but nothing happening. we can go for remedial action by giving an FIR under Information Technology Act.

    • Hi! Thanks for your Valuable Comment. Let me tell you an Interesting thing. The person who were collecting the Bill from my Home He left his Job Due to Ortel’s Exploitation. Anyways after passing of the due date when he didn’t come to collect cash so I query about this and came to know he has left his Job and today a new Guy came and take the fee, so I asked him about this problem so he told me that he is new so he didn’t know exactly about this probable but his boss was there with him so he called him and introduced with his boss so I told him about our Our problem regarding the Ads. He told me This types of ads are intentionally showing to us and its varies Plan to Plan and According to him there is not harm to display such types of ads. After 30 mins. of Argument he has suggested me either to Come to their office or write to their manager regarding this issue, so that they may consider about our request.

      The More interesting thing is that previously I was Thinking they are the service providers but that executive told that previously they were using Bharti Airtel Services but due to slow connection speed they have switched to Reliance recently and they have spent a Lot on this. It proves that they don’t have their own IPs and they are taking 3’rd party service and providing that service to us and they are working like a Middle man or a Reseller.

  5. Hi,

    Great post. I have Ortel bb connection at my home. I have been using adblock plus since long time. So these banner ads didn’t create major problems for me then. I remember modifying my hosts file to get rid of the small “x” button also. So far so good. The real problem started when I started using Wifi router paying extra money. The reason being I bought a new smartphone and was excited to experience the convenience of multi device connectivity. As u know most (and all my favorite) websites now have native support for mobile devices (iphone, android, etc.). They format their contents to fit the screens of the devices. But my experience went down the drain because of these mothe****er banner ads. These do not resize to fit my mobile screen.Though I can block the ads but the frame remains there and I don’t have permission to modify the “hosts” file of my mobile. (imagine browsing a 20000*10000 px webpage on a standard 1274*768 px monitor). They ruin my browsing experience.

    Further, now they have started hijacking links (not sure if the phrase is right!). Every time I open my browser this “www[.]becabo[.]com/pistol2” link opens instead of my homepage. Some links I click like google or facebook gets redirected to the said site. Those bas**rds!!!!

    I’m opting out of their service from next month.

    • Yasir,
      Thanks for finding time on Dropping your valuable comment. Can you please share the way to block the small “X” image using the Host File, so that I can add that to this blog post so that other users may get Benefit out of it.

      What to tell about Ortel…Since Past few Months I am fighting against it and the Ortel Guys are in Real Shameless because they always sending me Invitation to Like their Fan Page over Facebook and each time they advertise it I always Post comment about this matter but they won’t bother to reply me. I am trying to call them but their support staff never picking up the call and when they will pick up my call but never solve my problem. I belongs to Cuttack area… friend you can’t imagine the speed of Ortel and the availability of the Connection. I am a Web/Software developer so I want a Good connection but whenever I will turn on the Modem it always down every moth I am paying those Guys the monthly fee as Charity without consuming their Bandwidth.

      Most of the time I have to disable “Adblock Plus” addon because its killing some of scripts of my clients sites and It disable some of my developed script as I use Java Script, Jquery etc… so During that time I have to tolerate those Becabo Ads…when I see those becabo Window I became Bekabu.

      When I tell these things to their Engineer they are telling that this is not their ads these ads are showing by either yahoo or Google, so I said if this is happening then why all links are pointing to your Official site so he starts bluffing and started arguing with me.

      Friend here I want to disclose the main reason behind showing these ads and why they are not stopping it after getting thousands of bad reviews of their service. Once of their Engineer Told me that previously they were supplying Reliance Communication’s Internet as they were their Service providers but due to some problem they switched their service providers from Reliance to Bharti Airtel, so their cost is higher than Reliance, so in order to recover the extra amount of Money they are displaying these ads and in this way they are generating revenues and they have also increased Rs 25/- on Unlimited Plan. Since Past 2 months I am paying extra Rs 25/-

      • Hi Debasis,

        LMAO @ Bekabu…. 😀

        Being a fellow Kataki and Ortel customer I can feel your frustration. They are using this kind of cheap tricks to generate revenues and unfortunately, getting away with it. As many Odia users don’t realize that they are being duped by their isp. They think these ads belong to the websites they visit. Talk about “masoomiyat ka fayda uthana”. They seem to be quite inspired by the “Evil Corporations” of hollywood movies. Well played ortel…well played.

        As for the solution to remove the frame and “x” button, let me tell you I’m just a average user. I can’t explain how it works and can’t guarantee if it will work at all. Here it is…

        1. Locate the Hosts file. Default location for XP is (C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts)
        2. Open the file with Notepad. (You need to have administrator rights)
        3. Scroll to the bottom.
        4. Add these lines… localhost

        (Note: Some of the above lines may already be there in your system)

        5. Save the file.

        That would be it.

        I have bookmarked this site. I will be definitely coming back to view other posts. Meanwhile, keep up the good work.


        • Thanks Yasir bhai for your valuable comment with the trick to block the “X” image through host file.

          One addition to all reader Just Open your host file and add following line to it and save it, so that you can block Ortel Ads Manually.

          Yasir Bhai Actually they are changing their ad network very frequently so if they use the ads from then this trick can work otherwise it won’t work.

          Please share this Post in different social Media sites and other sites and link back to this Discussion so that all other users who are facing this problem can benefited from this post and their problem can be solved.
          Thanks for your valuable comments and feedback through mails.

          ~Debasis 🙂

  6. Is Odisha have less tech guys ??
    Or all guys are busy only in park…
    this is the reason no other ISP come to Odisha.
    Hyderbad,Bangalore are Hits by Beam Fibre and Act broadband 10Mbps speed.
    Odisha Struggle to get constant 1Mbps speed.
    i dont know when Ortel Rule Will be completely vanished by other operators.

    and guys what the download and upload speed u r geetting in unlimited plans??
    are u getting constant speed or fluctuatations ?

    ORTEL one Word For You ” End is Near”

  7. why not other big ISPs like airtel and reliance come to Odisha ??

    And i not lived in odisha from begning ( i come after 2009 ) so i dont answer.
    but i want to know why Odisha is behind among other states ??
    and why all india thinks that odisha is not a tech savy state ??

    • Hi Anil Good to see your comment again. See the real fact is that we Odias previously doing only Farming, Business etc…After the time passes by new generation started learning new things and go out of state for higher studies and doing Job etc… So Currently out of all the Cities in Odisha few Percentage of Cities are Tech Savy. Still Lots of area needed to be aware of these things. Anyways Another big fact is that most of company afraid to deal in this place because most of the time we people not pay them their bills or other fees in right time and some never bother to pay bill. So in this way most of the companies faced a huge loss. Previously TATA was giving Net Connections on the basis of the Land Line Connections but people started cheating them so they shut down their business.

      But Currently Reliance, Airtel, Tata Phone+ etc… are in the market Mostly in Cuttack, BBSR areas people are having multiple of choices in choosing ISP. Like they can Pic BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Photon+ etc.. but in some interior areas people are facing lots of problem.

      Last time when you mailed me I had contacted Sales Executive of TATA Phon+ to give you a Connect at your place so they told that to inform you to come either Cuttack or BBSR Tata Photon HUB and But a Dongle for it and I convey the message to you but you didn’t reply me. I even talked with BSNL staffs for giving connections to your area and they told if you can arrange 20+ users for them then they will consider your request and start they work.

  8. Hey you all….

    All of you are talking about your bad experiences with Ortel internet service. But I am wondering that all of you are still using it. If not using, then do post a better internet service provider’s name and do help people.

    Btw.. people.. I too am pray of Ortel :(. Planning for BSNL service.

    • @Silu If you you will read the entire post as well as all comments then you will come to know that in Odisha in Interior areas Ortel providing services and doing its monopoly.

      People are using their service because they have no other choice. The Best alternative is BSNL as its very affordable and better than all other service providers. The main reason of BSNL not covering Interior areas is people are not paying their Bill amount so Department is facing loss, due to which they hesitate to cover those areas. Ortel has not done any good things with us that we will praise their qualities. What we are writing that’s genuine reviews about their service and we are not their Rival, we are writing only our bitter experiences here. If you want any Better connections then you Can think for BSNL then Tata Photon+

      Hope it will be helpful.
      Thanks 🙂

  9. Hey came across your blog while i was trying to figure out how to disable the becabo page and ads. Im not an engineer and I know how irritating it is getting trying to disable a 100 advertisements a day, especially if i am using the internet on my cell phone. It is high time to unsubscribe from Ortel and will do it in the next couple of months.

    In case you do get through to a senior manager, I doubt it coz they have retarded idiots as customer care executives, and want people to sign a petition, let me know!

  10. Sir,which broadband connection is better to use in odisha,pls tell asap with detailed info,if possible?

  11. Sir,which broadband connection is better to use in odisha,pls tell asap with detailed info,if possible?
    Help me to connect you through internet in a better way from home 🙂

  12. Hey guys,
    I was looking at the thread got to know about the problem about [] pop-up.

    So, here is a temporary solution that can save a KB’s of data while you are browsing. For this you need:
    Ad-block plus

    For Chrome:

    For firefox:

    After installation of the add-on /extension.
    You can follow the steps:

    For Chrome users:
    1-> Click on the setting button on the top right of chrome browser
    2-> Tools>Extension
    3-> Look for “Adblock Plus (beta)” and click on options
    4-> Look for “Add your own filters” and type “” in the input field.
    5-> Hopefully you will just see the “skip and continue” text and nothing else 🙂

  13. Really…I don’t understand why they decided to put on ads!! Generally their service is very poor over to it these annoying ads and intermediary page…God please give them some mind and heart to understand what is ‘customer service’. Thanks Debasis for spreading this awareness.

    • I totally fade up by Protesting Against it, I have even met with their Higher Authorities and requested them to stop this and write may mails but nobody is listening to me.

      Thanks for Dropping your valuable comment.

  14. using ortel from 3 years
    cons of ortel internet

    1: No gurantee of 100% internet connectivity ( you cant be sure to day you can browse to internet wholeday)
    2:Light Gone = Internet Gone (e.g. all other isp has backup system and doest care about electricity up/down)
    3:If You Are a online gamer (cs1.6 ping to mumbai server varies 60-200 . but laggy as hell )
    4: They are now providing adwares (if you are using ortel you will get unwanted advertise in your browser)
    5:if you just keep your modem on you will b charged (no matter you connect to pc or download/browse)

    pros of ortel :
    1.unlimited uploading (although max upload speed is 32kb)

    If you are using internet for office purposes get bsnl
    only get ortel if you use internet for email checking or for facebook

  15. same problem here bt kaspersky anti banner helps me to block those unwanted banners pop up by ortel ..

  16. HI

    Debasish, I appreciate your initiative and thanks a lot for sharing your experience, i am also facing the same problems, and I am really fade up with these people, i have shared your post in my face book account, and i suggest you to do a social campaign.


  17. Thanks for the Link to Block the iritating ads of Ortel… I tried all ways out to stop it but couldnot trace the problem… finally searched the web for the solution and Lo!!… there was your blog… Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks Rashida,
      For Dropping your Comment. Everyday Lots of people are Suffering from this and I am getting Lots of mail on this. Please find some time to Subscribe to my Blog and Share the Article So All Other people who are Suffering from this problem Can Get Benefit From this Post.

  18. Indeed they are morons and don’t have any kinda support,

    i applied for the connection and after 20 days their connection is generating ip address but google is only opening in 20 seconds around.
    Other sites wont open.

    I advise you don’t ever trust those *****ng idiots. and don’t waste you time and money.

  19. shankar Dasgupta

    I support your statement and agree with you because I am also ORTEL user and facing all the problems stated by you. I want to ask you that can we lodge the problem with consumar forum ? it it is possible, we may get some solution(may be).

  20. ortel is behaving like a bull shit pauper and creating this becabo nonsense…..gyaaan, just ask how many ppl togather can go and ranshack their office for this. you are right for a person who use the net for a long time cannot really tolerate this nonsense.

    we have to really do something about this.

    pls let me know if you have any plan for this.

    • HI Jay,
      Debasis here. I can understand ur frustration but I have tried a lot from my end to communicate with their higher officials and support team to tell about the problem. Lots of Users only Posts their comment but when I need them they didn’t get back to me, so finally I have discontinue their service and not using Ortel any more.

  21. Thank you Debasish for writing such a wonderful blog. I came to know that you are not using the ortel service anymore. But please also suggest, to which other service provider shall we switch. Ortel is probably the worst service provider. I also want to change them. But what should I use instead. Any suggestions??

    • Thanks Jaydeep for dropping your comment. The BEST Service provider is BSNL and I am having BSNL unlimited Plan. I am a Full time Programmer so I heavily Depend up on Net because all my clients are from abroad so a Good Net connection is Must so I am using BSNL since past 7 yrs, I am fully Satisfied with their service.

      7 Months Ago I bought Tata Photon+ Dongle for my Laptop that also Unlimited Plan but its costing me too much after Service tax Its cost is around Rs 1,067/- bu its quite Good. Sometimes I face slow loading but its coverrage area is wide from remote area its works fine if you have any Docomo Tower.

    • Thanks Jaydeep for dropping your comment. The BEST Service provider is BSNL and I am having BSNL unlimited Plan. I am a Full time Programmer so I heavily Depend up on Net because all my clients are from abroad so a Good Net connection is Must so I am using BSNL since past 7 yrs, I am fully Satisfied with their service.

      7 Months Ago I bought Tata Photon+ Dongle for my Laptop that also Unlimited Plan but its costing me too much after Service tax Its cost is around Rs 1,067/- bu its quite Good. Sometimes I face slow loading but its coverage area is wide from remote area its works fine if you have any Docomo Tower.

  22. Hello
    I just want to know,what is a viable option for me with an unlimited plan?
    I am having a crap ortel unlimited plan of 512 kbps for which they are taking around 760 bucks…
    But i want a better speed plan.
    Please some one help.
    I am from cuttack…n have got a wifi router…so i need a good affordable speed for all my work.

  23. i ve a unlimited plan and its really really slow ….at time of connection they say the download speed will be around some 150/200 kbps bt its never exceed 30 kbps.
    i want to change my service provider.
    i m a student and i live in jagamara,khandagiri .bbsr.
    can u please suggest any other service provider who are providing unlimited plans .
    i check bsnl unlimited plan but they are like …i got to ve a land line connection before i apply for the BB.

    so …any suggestion would help .

    • Piyush,
      Sorry for late reply… I was Out of Town for an office Work. In that period I have tried various service providers so I would Like to help you as well as other students who are facing such issue and looking for a reliable service provider.

      1: First Step I did is I quit Ortel and Stop using their Service.
      2: BSNL Is Ok But Still It has Some issues in providing connections to Rural areas.
      3: Then I Bought an Universal 3G Dongle of Micromax Model No: MMX377G I am adding little tech Specification below.

      Connectivity Speed
      HSDPA 14.4 Mbps
      UMTS(3G) 384 Kbps
      EDGE Class E2

      UMTS(3G) 2100 MHz
      GSM (EDGE/GPRS) 1800 MHz, 900 MHz

      External Interface USB 2.0

      Its Cost is around Rs 1,500 over net Online Shopping Sites but in Local Stores Its Costing around Rs 1,300/-
      Its worth to Buy. Then The Most Important Thing is the Service provider.. Which One to Select out of all….

      4: Aircel I am using it since last 2 Months and I am 100% Satisfied with it because Its providing you true 3G Fast Service In an affordable rate. Its better than Tata Phone+, BSNL, Ortel and Others…. Its Costing Rs 360 for 6 GB Data and Validity period is 2 Months. It works even in rural areas even in recent Cyclone in Odisha (i.e. Phailin) I was working for my clients and it was still working and with same 3G Speed.

      5: After Aircel I will Recommend you Reliance It was costing Rs 260 but now Its costing Rs 300. Its also providing 3G speed. Data Validity 3 Months but each Month will be divided in to 2GB After consuming 2GB it will stop and again after 1 Month your SIM will be charged with another 2GB Data Like wise it will work for 3 Months but this is the Most Demerits of reliance 3G card is this. You can’t Consume 6GB At a time you have to use if for 3 Months…

      So I am facing little difficulties with reliance though its fast but time to time its Network is Dropping… But this never Comes with Aircel. So I will recommend you to Go with Aircel 3G Data Card Only….

      I Hope this Little Information will Help you all. Its a 100% genuine and True Review.


  24. Dear Sir,I had applied for a Ortel broadband connection trough online in July,2014 & had paid Rs.1000/-.But they failed to provide the same due to unavailability of technical feasibility.Since then I am waiting for refund of my Rs.1000/- as they told that a cheque will come to your address.Now It is November & no cheque has come to me.What will I do?

  25. I always wonder if the great service providers like ACT broadband will ever provide their services in places like Bhubaneswar… I have been using their services here in Chennai (they are also present in some places like Bangalore, AP etc.) and have got totally addicted to it. I get 40mbps – 80 GB Unlimited Plan for just 1432 (all inclusive) per month, also post 80 GB, I get 500 kbps). And when I say 40mbps, I actually get it in my laptop (for torrents download at 5.2 MBPS which actually comes around 41-42 mbps.) Got 3 laptops & 4 phones on the wifi and its always a breeze to use the internet. I will be moving out from Chennai to Kolkata soon. Just wondering if I can ever get such services there.
    I am sure if something like ACT comes to Orissa, the likes of Ortel will be wiped out in a year.