How to Expand My Business Through Social Media?

Popularity is always directly proportional to your social extensions. Suppose you have business that produces products unmatchable in market but unless and until there is no good promotion then chances are there the product might fail to capture the market. Many big companies have fell victim to this apocalypse. Either they failed to anticipate the market or over estimated their product. Somehow they were all linked socially to each other, directly or indirectly. But you can turn the dynamics of the market if you are able to follow these simple basic rules.

Social Media

1: Interact- Connect with your users. Unless and until there is no mutual interaction there is no communication. And to fill that gap ask for solutions, respond to quires, generate ideas, share ideas, invite ideas etc. These may be trivial, but it helps in overcoming huge gap between you and your users/ followers.

For example your companies are working on a prototype then share your future with your users/ followers. Give them idea about your purpose and how it will benefit others. This ensures that the post is related to their area of interest and later on their shared comments and reviews could help you a great deal to improvise your product. Make sure your question are open minded and doesn’t breach anyone sentiments. Always end up with ‘how’, ‘why’ etc so as keep you conversation extended.

2: Segment you market- People often seek information and articles relevant to their topic of interest. So segment your users according to that. Try to attract your potential customers. This particularly helps in extending your business socially.

Design information according to their interest. But for that create your own platform. Either make your own site or post your information in popular social sites.

3: Blend your information with fun- Avoid posting information related to business or its promotions only. For a while it may seem informative but after that it will look gaudy and chances are fat your followers will lose interest gradually over time. Try sharing casual information that would strikes a fun conversation between you and your users.

4: Design your message according to sites- Different social sites have different means of delivering your message to your followers. Twitter uses short message whereas Facebook is a different chapter all together. So it is better to deliver your customized message to different sites differently.

Customization plays important role in attracting users and followers. You can use photo along with your message in your Facebook profile to give it a touch of aesthetic look.

5: Reply to your followers- To build a long term relationship with your users and followers it is essential to give them attention. So make sure their every query and doubts are cleared as soon as possible. Extending a conversation is directly linked to the interactions done in the past. If your previous records were good then you won’t be having much problem retaining your followers.

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