Google Buzz is Going away….

google-buzzHey Friends a Sad News for all  Google Buzz Lovers. Let me tell briefly about Google Buzz. Google Buzz is a Micro Blogging Social Networking Platform which was launched by Google on 09/Feb/2010, the main reason to launch this product by Google is to compete with Most Famous Micro Blogging Platform Called “Twitter” but it failed to compete with Twitter. Anyhow Google has announced on 14/Oct/2011 that they are going to discontinuing their Buzz Service.


Its a Great Application which is integrated with our Gmail Account and we can share our Messages, News or any Updates directly from your Gamil Account and many SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Professionals were using this Application in Linkbuilding Purposes.

For the time being nobody can Create new account in Google Buzz but the existing users can access their account and can download their All Buzz to their PC. You can know more about it by Visiting their Help Section and if you want to download your ODL Buzz then you can do it by Using Google Takeout Service. When you will click on the Google Takeout Service link you will be landed on the following Page (Please Refer to the Screen Shot Below).

Google TakeoutAfter this please click on the “CREATE ARCHIVE” button and it will start Archiving/ Backing up your all Data and when it will finish Archiving all the services listed above a Download Button will Comes Up, you need to click on that Download Button and Save the Zipped file in your PC. When you will click on the “Create Archive” button it will look something like this (please refer to the screen shot below).

Google Takeout-DownloadIf you follow the above procedure then you will download all the Services listed above but if you want to download any particular service the just click on the “Choose Services” tab





then it will display the following screen from where all the Google services will be display just like +1s, Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profile, Stream, Voice etc… you need to click on any desired Icon which you want to backup for this case we need to backup Google Buzz so You need to click on the Google Buzz Icon, it will start estimating your Buzz files and its size and after it you need to click on the “CREATE ARCHIVE” button, then a zipped file will be pops up which you need to save in your desired location in your PC. Please follow the screen shot below for a better understanding.







So these are the procedure to Download your Google Buzz Account. If you will face any problem while backing up your Google Buzz data then please feel free to Drop Me a Comment.

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