Genesis Lifestyle Child Theme Problem

Genesis Lifestyle Child Theme ProblemI Love to use StudioPress Themes in my all projects. Currently I’m using Genesis Lifestyle 2.0 Child Theme in this Blog. Managing a Genesis Child Theme is very easy and I personally Recommend all bloggers to use Genesis Framework Based themes, because its very cost effective as well as its very easy to manage your Blog.

It doesn’t mean that Genesis Framework or its Child Themes didn’t have any Bugs. On 20’th January 2012 Genesis v 1.8.0 has launched and I got a Notification to upgrade the Framework so Immediately take a backup of my blog and started Updating from Older version to v 1.8.0. I have successfully Upgraded my Genesis Framework and tried to reload the site to see everything is perfect or not but I surprised to see my blog’s Front-end.

My all customizations were vanished and the color was sky-blue instead of Grey, so I suddenly rush in to the Theme Setting Panel to check the Color Option but again I surprised to see the Color Changing Option was not there in its place, that time I said OMG!!! What I will do now?

The first option is to restore the OLD backup files which will fix the problem and the second option is to start customizing the theme, after 5 mins. I have decided to go with second option and do the customization to it, if I will get success in it then I can help other friends who are facing the same difficulties with their blog after Upgrading Genesis to v1.8.0

After 45 Mins. I have able to fix the issue and my Blog work perfectly like before all options came back to their Original place. I have checked thoroughly all settings, except the Color changing feature you won’t face any difficulties after updating your Genesis Framework. Below I am going to write the Tutorial to fix this issue, kindly follow the step by step Guides and do the same with your blog and then check your all problem will be solved within 5 mins.


1: I always advice you to take a full backup of your blog before Customizing it or upgrading any Theme Framework. Its because taking a backup before doing any changes will save the life of your blog if you mess up anything. So its treated as the Life Saving Medicine.

2: Ok After taking the backup Please Log-in to your Admin Panel, click on Appearance >> Editor

3: Then click on the functions.php link from the right hand side of the editor

4: Just Look at the top of the editor you will find following patch of Code

/** Start the engine */
require_once( TEMPLATEPATH . '/lib/init.php' );

5: After locating the above code just paste the following given code right after the above line

add_theme_support( 'genesis-style-selector', array(
        'lifestyle-blue'     => __( 'Lifestyle Blue', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-charcoal' => __( 'Lifestyle Charcoal', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-gray'     => __( 'Lifestyle Gray', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-green'    => __( 'Lifestyle Green', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-pink'     => __( 'Lifestyle Pink', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-purple'   => __( 'Lifestyle Purple', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-tan'      => __( 'Lifestyle Tan', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-teal'     => __( 'Lifestyle Teal', 'lifestyle' ),
        'lifestyle-yellow'   => __( 'Lifestyle Yellow', 'lifestyle' ),
    ) );

6: Just follow the screen shot and paste the code in the proper place.


7: After pasting the code please Update the File.

8: Then Go to Genesis >> Theme Settings Then Scroll down to Bottom

9: You will see theme Color Changer Option will be there. It will look Just like the following Screen Shot.

Lifestyle-Child-Theme-Color Changer

Please try this on your end, I hope your problem will be solved if you will follow each step carefully. If you will face any difficulties then please feel free to Drop a Comment or Contact Me.

  1. Thanks for this tip! I also recently upgraded to Genesis 1.8 and was stuck with this bug. Your simple fix fixed everything and now I can choose a theme color again.

    • Hi Simon,
      I also faced the same thing but the problem solved, so if possible take a backup of your blog before upgrading the Genesis Framework. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
      In Coming days I will post some useful tips and trick for Genesis Framework. So Please keep touch with my blog πŸ™‚

  2. Good info.
    Some of my friends and bloggers are using Genesis . I do not understand why but it and then another theme on top of it when you can simply choose a good normal WordPress theme.

    • Hi Ankur,
      Thanks for your Valuable Comment. You can use either free or Paid theme in your blog. It doesn’t required that one should use any Paid theme. Regarding using of Genesis theme. Its Ideal to use Genesis Framework based theme for a Tech. Blog. As its Loads Fast and its very clean. Genesis themes comes with lots of Good Features but due to last Framework Upgrade some Minor Problems comes up with few themes but that’s not a Big deal, we can easily fix the problem what I did with the Lifestyle theme.

      Other Free or Paid themes are having Bugs and developers are trying their best to make it Bug free. StudioPress Team time to time Upgrading their Framework and Updating all of their Themes. Its very affordable to have StudioPress theme in comparison to other Paid themes for this reason lots of Blogger prefers to use StudioPress themes in their Blogs.
      Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for your suggestion. I am also on Genesis now and it is definitely faster than my previous theme.
        My previous theme cost has not been fully utilized as I have changed it too soon πŸ™‚

  3. Thks for the tip I followed u instructions and the color change option came back… I just don’t understand why it takes so long to see the change…I did delete cache..

    • This happened if you will use any Website Caching Plugin just like WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache Extended etc… in this case the design will be live within 10 to 15 mins. otherwise it will be live immediately. Sometimes Due to Browser cache Problem the effect comes lately so in this case you can either clear your browser cache and reload the site again or you can use CCleaner Software to clear your Browser cache. In this way your problem will be solved.
      Thanks for dropping your Valuable comment. Please feel free to ask me if you will ever face any WordPress related problem in future or if you want any WP related Tutorials to Post then Please suggest me I will post it for you.
      Take Care πŸ™‚

    • When The Color Pallet was Missing on my Case after upgrading the Genesis Framework that time I have faced this problem so I have again selected the proper Color which I had used from the beginning and did the customization so All the changes reflected and my Header came back, so Please select proper color which you had selected from the beginning and did any customization so that your Header will come back. If it won’t come back then please drop me a comment here and give me your blog name so that I can check the problem for you.
      Take Care.

  4. First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking time and answering my question. Until now, the colour remains the same. I was indeed using WP super cache, but I have now deactivated it. The color remains unchanged however. Is there something else I can do to change it?
    Thanks a lot in advance,

    • No you have taken right step…If The Logo is not coming back then it should under your Media Library so Just get that Link and use again in header Theme’s Header Section. There is a separate control to manage the header. So it would be the last step if nothing will work…

      Take Care πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you so much! This bug just happened on one of my blogs and I flipped! It’s working now after I followed your method. Thanks for posting this. πŸ™‚

    • You are Welcome Elan. If you will ever face any kind of difficulties in future related to WordPress then please feel free to let me know. I would be Happy to help you out.

  6. I’m using Genesis v1.8.2 with the Lifestyle theme v1.1 and I have the same problem, the Color Option box suddenly was missing from the Theme Settings. I tried this solution and it restored the option box but it doesn’t work. This version of the Lifestyle theme has black, green, peach, pink and purple stylesheets, so would you possibly have a solution for my situation? I’d appreciate any feedback you could provide me. Thanks!

    • Due to Bugs in Genesis I left using it. Currently I have changed all the Genesis themes to Custom Themes made by me. So I have to install it and check the issue.

  7. Hello, my name is Ian, my site is I am using wordpress, with child/lifestyle theme and have a header issue. In the sidebar on the left, under appearance, the option for β€œHeader” is GONE. I am not sure there is anything I did as all I had done the day it disappeared was add a tab in the top menu bar. However every one of the 4 Studiopress themes is missing this option. Yet it still exist under the wordpress 2011 and 2010 themes (that I really do not want to use) I like my theme and site the way it is. I did have a custom header and can no longer find it. I hope you can help me somehow, thanks

    • Hi Ian,
      I think your site is Looking Ok. Genesis as well as some Child theme has lots of Bugs, in each update new kind of Bugs are coming us, for this reason I have switched back to other theme than Child Theme.

  8. Thank you! This was heaven sent. I am almost at my wits end on how to bring the color scheme back and was searching for so long til I found this. Thanks!

  9. Thank you! This was heaven sent. I am almost at my wits end on how to bring the color scheme back and was searching for so long til I found this. Thanks!