Finding the Right Radio For You

two way radiosThe moment you step into a store to buy a two-way radio for your need, you will be confused. There will be a whole lot of varieties available there, and the storekeeper can’t be of much help. He is there for selling the product and hence he will always recommend the costliest one of the lot. It might not be what you need and it might not have what you are looking for from the radio. So, where do you find expert advice on this? Where can you go through the specifications and uses of these individual radios and find for yourself what you need? Well, your answer lies at

One of the most basic things you need to know is that these radios are available in three different frequencies, namely UHF, VHF and 900MHz ISM. Suppose you have a VHF radio at home and you are looking for another one so that both of them can be put to use, then there is no point buying UHF or 900MHz one. You need the same frequency radios to communicate with each other. The next part is about the application. Some can be used for home uses, whereas others are strictly for business uses. Starting to get confused? Do pay a visit to and browse through the various categories to have a better understanding about them.

The different categories that you will find on this website are walkie talkies for family and personal use, two way radios for organizational use, light duty business two way radios, two way radios for medium duty business use and two way radios for heavy duty business uses. You will find a lot of options available in each and every one of these categories. They might range from minimal use to extensive use. This will help you in deciding which will suit you the best. For instance, if you are planning to buy a radio for your paintball game, there is no use buying the one for camping. Similarly, buying a paintball radio for your camping trip will leave the device the useless for the purpose.

You will find a lot of similar websites that deal with cheap imitated products that won’t even last for the entire camping trip. But, at, you find products that are of high quality. The products that are sold through this website come from top rated manufacturers like Motorola, Kenwood etc. The prices that you find here will be the best in the industry. The fast shipping that they offer is really the icing on the cake. So, if you had planned a paintball match with your friends this weekend and is short of radios to use, do login to this website and place an order. Chances are that you will receive it one or two days in advance for the game so that you can start practicing with it. So, why wait? Go ahead and place your order now! Experience top quality and low prices!

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