Facts On Vista College

It is a public community college established in 1995 after a land donation by World Savings and Land Association in 1994. The college at Northwest Officially opened on last months of 1995 as one of the newest additions to Alamo Community College District. The main objective of this college is to provide high quality, specialized career preparation or enhancement to meet and cope with technological changes resulting in employment and career success. It has a great slogan “Plan For A Better Future”.

Now we have a brief look out at the infographics for the Vista College given below:
Infographics - Plan For A Brighter Future

Infographic courtesy of: www.vistacollege.edu

The stats suggest that as on January, 2013 the students going for at least one online course increased about 570,000 to new total of 6.7million.

Studying Unemployment rate by education

  • The students who had pursued diploma courses from any institution seem to have an unemployment rate of 12.2 percent. We can say that 88 percent of the diploma holders are employed at jobs leaving behind 12 percent of diploma holders.
  • The students who have passed high school education seem to get more jobs than the diploma holders as the age factor become no bar in getting the jobs. The unemployment rate for the high schools students is near about 8 percent.
  • The associate level trainers or students have an unemployment rate of about 6.5 percent.
  • As the students increase their qualifications, they get good jobs and the unemployment rate decreases significantly. This can be seen in students completing their bachelors and masters degree. The students completing bachelors degree, if appear for job interviews have an unemployment rate of 4.2 percent.
  • The students who complete their master’s degree seem to have the very low unemployment rate of nearly about 2 percent.
  • Among the 197.8 million working Americans, the unemployment rate is just 7.9 percent which is very low as compared to some of the developing countries like India, Bangladesh, and China etc.
  • As the result of survey calculated, the unemployment rate for college graduates is about 3.9 percent.

Texas College Graduation Rates

  • The graduation rate is about 24.4 percent in 4year public institutions, 13.1 percent in 2 year public institution and about 41.5 percent in 4year private institutions in Texas.
  • 78 percent is high school graduation rate in Texas, which is 4 year high.
  • It is found that there is 50 percent increase in people of age group of 35 and above seeking for higher education.

Average Yearly Income by Degree

  • The average yearly income for people with high school qualifications is $35K.
  • The average yearly income rises for people who are associates to $39K.
  • People who are graduates (Bachelors), seems to get a really high pay for the jobs that is around $55K.

Note: The above mentioned information is taken from infographics provided by Vista College. All the details match to the infographics and are best to knowledge of the sources.

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