Facebook Requires SSL Certificate

Facebook Requires SSL CertificateBeginning of 1’st October 2011 Facebook will require a valid SSL Certificate for all those Iframe Based Fan Pages, Applications etc.. Hosed outside from Facebook Platform. Due to Misuse of the Facebook Platform by hosting iframe based fan pages and other Applications Hackers started gathering your personal data. In Facebook people are mad for new Games and other Entertainment Applications and some Applications needs you to enter your Personal details in order to Access that Game or Applications so in this way Many Hackers started collecting your valuable Information.

These hackers are using free hosts or any cheap shared hosting to Host their Fan pages or Applications which cost a penny per month to them but by investing few bucks they are collecting most valuable data from you. So in order to stop this Facebook finally took this Vital Decision that from the beginning of the October all those Fan Pages and Applications which are Hosting in any 3’rd Party Hosting Companies they must need to have a Basic SSL Certificate in order to Run their Fan pages or any Applications.

This will definitely stop the Hackers Activities to some extent, which is good for general Facebook users but this may be a costlier affairs for those Genuine People and Developers who were hosting their Applications and Fan Pages on their Shared Hosting. From now they have to Pay extra Monthly or Annually Fee for the SSL Certificate from their Hosting Companies in order to run their Applications.

You can Visit Facebook Developer Roadmap for this Notice and for other future news and updates which may need Code Modifications.

Let me tell you briefly about the SSL Certificate. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, its basically a Security Certificate. This is the only way to Encrypt any Digital Information. I am giving you a Simple example on SSL usage and why its so Important. When you are Registering or Logging in any website which doesn’t have any SSL Certificate then there may be possibility of revealing your personal Information like your Used Password, Credit Card details etc… and having a SSL certificate means your website is Protecting your users personal information. Currently maximum no. of Online banks, Online Shopping Sites are using SSL Certificate in their site to Prevent Hacking or Leak of your Private Information.

The changes in Facebook will affect you depends on many elements, but it will breaks down into whether you are a normal user or a business owner.

For the Normal Users:

If you will use any regular facebook Pages or Applications but not any customised Pages or Applications Hosted outside Facebbok Platform (i.e. Any kind of iframe based fan Pages, Games, Applications etc…) then you should not notice any changes in your facebook Account but please remember you might be unable to access some kind of Facebook Applications, games or any Fan pages which are hosting in any non-secured web server. In these cases you will probably see a screen that asks you if you want to switch over to a non-secured connection.

These alerts/notifications are actually in place now on Facebook. You can select secure connection (i.e.  https:// or http:// in the URL in your Browser’s Addressbar) or opt for a regular connection for pages without the SSL Certificate. You may not like these alerts or interruptions, but remember that the system is intended to protect your privacy.

For the Business Owners:

As a business or a website owner you have to follow many rules and do several changes to make sure you all Hosted Applications or Pages runs smoothly on Facebook Platform as well as on your website. The first thing will be to get a SSL Certificate for your website, where you are hosting your Fan Pages and other Facebook Applications. After doing this you need to make sure to do some basic changes to your site links. Any link on your website linking to Facebook Platform will need to be updated to reflect the https:// or the http:// and vice versa if you do get an SSL Certificate.

In my Next Post I will write about Getting and setting up SSL for your website. That post will contain the following things.

  • Where you Get a SSL Certificate?
  • How to Deal with the Formalities and other Procedures
  • How much it will cost you and which is the Best place to get a good SSL Certificate
  • For your Fan Page or any Facebook Application which type of SSL Certificate you Need
  • How to setup a SSL on your server etc…
So Please don’t forget to read the next post and leave your valuable comments.
  1. Nice post.I didn’t know about the new SSL system FB is going to implement. Though their thinking is good but everybody can’t afford it.
    Is there any alternate way to avoid it?

    • Right now there is no alternate to this or bypass this rule but I believe that soon there will be an alternative to this system or using the method people can bypass the rule. I am currently working on this ASA I’ll get success in this test then I will post about the method in my blog.

  2. Guru Sanket Biswal

    i guess they have also made oauth mandatory 😛
    seems like busy days are ahead of us 😛

    • Previously I was using a Plugin but that has some problem as that Plugin was not working properly but this time I have manually integrate the Facebook API and comment Snippet to the WordPress Platform. Its working fine but I am not yet satisfied with this. I will work on this and make a custom Plugin for the blog.

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