Best Windows Cleanup Utility

CCleanerIf you are a Windows user then you need to care about few things. One of these few things is to clean your system from unnecessary registry files, your Internet privacy footmarks and other irrelevant files that were once part of running applications but now they are as useless as trash. If you are thinking about cleanup software then you are right. These kind of software should be installed by Microsoft and must be there in the core of Windows but unfortunately they are not and you are forced to go with third party applications.


One of these apps is CCleaner and we think it is one of the effective apps of its kind. Since it’s a crucial issue and removing needless files increase the system performance. You must use a software for this and run that software at least once a month. It really depends how often you install applications and uninstall them.


Whenever you think that your PC is slowing down. You can run this software to clean pointless files. Possibilities are that your system may recoup its performance. CCleaner includes unnecessary file removing tool, registry cleanup tool and (your web browser’s) cookies and Internet history removing tool. Piriform launched this software in 2004 to help users make their Windows machine more efficient and reliable. Since then it has been releasing updates for it.


Recent version has got some powerful tools but they are not free. These includes drive wiping tool to make your hard drive free from data. One of the substantial enhancement in cookies removing features is that it allows you to save particular cookies while deleting all other cookies of modern web browsers. This feature requires technical knowledge and also requires you to know about cookies and the ability to differentiate between good cookies and bad (tracking) cookies. This helps in making web browsers faster and the system too. Before doing this make sure the browser is not running.


Latest version has also got trivial improvements in user interface and improved file searching system. If you compare the old and new versions you’ll not find anything different. It can also remove programs from your hard drive in Windows platform.


CCleaner is only capable of deleting files and fixing registry. It can’t fix slowed down systems due to malware and viruses. For this you need to install anti-viruses and anti-malware. One of the major disadvantages of using it is that it can slightly be risky. If you search on the web you will find that there are certain cases when CCleaner has crashed Windows XP.


That was all about the free Windows cleanup utility. There are other competent products in the market  too. One of them is Windows Doctor. Windows Doctor can also do almost all the stuff that CCleaner however it doesn’t get good ratings at software portals. Another software that can be close to CCleaner is Registry Mechanic. Registry Mechanic is capable of fixing registry only. Its trial versions offers very limited functionality.

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